Ian James Martins is a Senior Researcher,Edith Cowan University,Australia

Ian James Martins

Senior Researcher

Organizing Committee


Edith Cowan University


Dr Martins completed his undergraduate Science degree at the University of Western Australia in 1984, then completing a MSc in Clinical Biochemistry in 1986. In 1987 he commenced a Ph D studying the role of high density lipoprotein (HDL) in diabetes (Hackett Scholarship). In 1993 he was awarded a Saw fellowship from the University of Western Australia to conduct studies relating to the metabolism of chylomicrons and their remnants and the influence of size and composition on their clearance from blood and its importance to atherosclerosis.  
The publications between 1988-2000 have shown that Dr Martins has made a valuable and solid contribution to the field of atherosclerosis and heart disease. His work has concentrated on understanding the role of dietary cholesterol rich particles and the subsequent clearance and metabolism from the blood plasma and their potential risk for the development of heart disease. These research studies have shown that the type of dietary fat and increased consumption are important risk factors for heart disease.  



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Academic Qualifications 
B.Sc. 1984 University of Western Australia M.Sc. 1986 University of Western Australia Ph.D. 1989 University of Western Australia 
Jan 2003 – present: Senior Researcher Edith Cowan University, School of Medical Sciences Centre of Excellence for Alzheimer's Disease Research and Care Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute                                                                       Edith Cowan University 8 Verdun Street, Nedlands 6009. Western Australia, Australia 
Type 3 diabetes in the global epidemic is intertwined with neurodegeneration and central to nutritional therapy and organ suicide. GOOGLE SEARCH Ian James Martins  with relevance to diabetes, organ suicide and neurodegeneration 
 Jan 2001 – Present: Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Australia, Dept of  Psychiatry and  Neurogenetics, Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
The NAFLD epidemic in diabetes indicates bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS) to induce neurodegerative disease. Healthy diets/drug therapy reduce plasma LPS levels with reversal of NAFLD and aging in global populations. 
Jan 1990-2000: Principal Scientist and Research Fellow, Department of Physiology, University of  Western Australia, Stirling Highway, Nedlands 6009, Western Australia, Australia 


RESEARCH INTERESTS are Anti-Aging, Global Health and Chronic Disease


SEMANTIC SCHOLAR now lists 133 HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL CITATIONS and identifies the most important papers and connections between them. 
A. Top 10 contributions in Genetics: Increased Risk for Obesity and Diabetes with Neurodegeneration in Developing Countries. Chapter 1, EBook. 2018. 
B. Top 10 commentaries in Alzheimer’s disease: Appetite Regulation and the Peripheral Sink Amyloid beta Clearance Pathway in Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease. EBook. 2019;2:1-11. 
Research Activity Statistics have been provided by Publons with comparison to other researchers. Ian James Martins is now in the 98th percentile as assessed for Publons users by merit. Dr Ian Martins is a reviewer for approx. 47 journals over the past 5 years.  
INVITED CHAIR FOR INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS Chair: Vaccinology, Immunopathology, Immunotherapy, Immune Proteomics, Cancer and Tumour Oncology, 7th World Congress on Immunology, Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 19-20, 2018, Chair, Pipeline 1: Biotherapeutics for Diseases, Bit's 2nd International Congress of Biotherapy-2018 (Programme Committee Member), Chair and Advisory Board Member, Innovate Conferences 2017, Chair/Co-Chair at congress and conference series at the World Gene Convention-2016 (Shanghai, China, Pharmacology and Ethanopharmacology 2016 (Chicago, USA), Annual World Congress of Diabetes-2014 (Haikou, China), World Gene Convention-2014 (Haikou, China).


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